Current Projects

Development of Pedagogical Content Knowledge

Explores learning trajectories of novice teacher from Grade 3-7 during their early career

Usable Measures of Teacher Understanding

Explores diagnostic models and topic analysis as tools for assessing proportional reasoning for teaching

Bias in the Classroom 

Preregistered experiments tested for biases in different teaching settings

Role of Knowledgehook In Math Teaching

A collaboration between research institutes and educational technology company to understand how digital learning platforms influence teaching and learning 

Intelligent, Adaptive Program for Preservice Teachers

An AI-based program that is accessible to elementary and middle grade preservice teachers anywhere and at any time 

Past Projects

AI-Based Computerized Teacher Professional Development

A self-paced online PD program supported by AI that advanced middle school teachers' understanding of proportional reasoning for teaching

Immersive Virtual Learning for Worker-Robot Teamwork on Construction Sites

A cross-disciplinary project aims to create a cyberlearning environment that will equip construction site workers with the knowledge and skills to work efficiently with robots on construction sites.